Important Questions to Ask Before Buying APC UPS Systems

Most Australians these days are using more than two electronic gadgets at home or at work. While some gadgets like desktop computers, printers, or scanners can boost office productivity, not all of them have built-in batteries that are handy during an outage. That is why most homeowners and huge establishments use APC UPS Australia stores currently offer. They help protect home and office gadgets against fluctuating voltages and power outages.


apc ups australia

UPS or Uninterrupted Power Supply is typically a battery that automatically jumpstarts whenever there is a power outage. This will allow you to continue working or shut your computer and other gadgets safely. APC UPS Australia stores sell today helps protect important components of your devices and prevent data loss. On top of that, you can also rely on your UPS system to regulate line voltage fluctuations so you can have more stable power.

During a power outage, a surge protector is not enough. What you need is a device that acts as a surge protector and a backup battery at the same time. That is why APC UPS Australia market offers today.

But before getting your own APC UPS, below are important questions you should ask:

1. How many outlets do you need?

This depends on how many devices you need to connect to your Australia APC UPS system. If you are running an office, you may need a generator but if you are using it for your home or small office, a basic APC UPS will do. The rule is to buy a UPS for all your needs plus two more so you will have flexible options in the future. Just make sure that the battery capacity of your UPS can accommodate the devices you plug in.

2. How much power do your devices need?

The battery life of your APC UPS in Australia depends on the power consumption of the devices plugged into it. Make sure that the UPS can provide the energy needed for consumption. One way to determine the power consumption of your PC or other equipment is to use a wattmeter. This will help you calculate how many devices you can plug into one UPS.

3. How long do you need your battery to run?

This depends on your needs. Some people buy APC UPS so they can have a few minutes to shut down their pc and turn off all electronics after a power outage. Some would want to work during blackouts thus requiring UPS that can run for as much as an hour.

4. What Key Features do You Need for Your UPS System?

Just like buying electronics these days, there are features that you should look for depending on your preferences. You can choose either basic, enhanced or advanced. Some systems have features that you can control right from your computer while others automatically regulate the voltage. Be sure to check your users’ manual to make the most of the UPS features you are using.

5. How long is the warranty of the UPS system?

Most UPS usually last as long as its internal battery, roughly about two to three years. You can choose a UPS company that offers insurance on top of a 3-year warranty. Double check before buying so you will have an idea what you are getting into. APC UPS systems are known to most consumers and some of their models have replaceable batteries. Their reputation and high ratings from reviews make the APC UPS a product of choice for most Australian homes.

Those are just a few questions you should ask before buying a UPS system for your home or small office. When choosing a UPS system, always trust a reliable brand. You will never go wrong when you select products experts recommend.

Seek referrals from friends or family on the right UPS system you should buy. This will give you more options and have more flexibility when buying your own UPS system. To find APC UPS Australia stores offer, visit for more details.