Medium Duty Trucks For Your Business

No matter the size of your business, transportation is an important element. Whether in the mining, textile, construction, food and beverage, or service industry among others, there is always a need to move things from one place to another. It might be within the state or to another state, but the key thing is that you need a stable and reliable means of transport. With this you always stay ahead of the pack as you minimize time wastage and damages which are costly to every business. Whether large or small, to do business in Australia you need medium duty trucks to ensure faster movement to clients.

medium duty trucks
medium duty trucks

Your clients could be other companies that you provide transport for, this means their delivery is fully in your hands. If you fail, they fail along with you. This could be because the trucks you have are old and now have become slow over time. There are new medium duty trucks for sale that you can get to create a better impression and improve the image of your company. Among them is the Condor which comes in two ranges: the MK and the PK ranges, which are both convenient for any size of business.

The larger of the two medium duty trucks is the PK range with a loading capacity of up to 32,000 kilograms with up to 16, 500 kilograms of its own weight included. With an engine size of between 180 to 206 kilowatts at 2500 revolutions per minute it is designed for long journeys between states. You get to choose what speed you desire in your truck, the first model is the 5 speed automatic PK 16 250. The PK16/17 280 comes in three versions: 6 speed automatic, 6 speed manual or the 9 speed manual.

The other range is the MK, whose loading capacity is smaller, between 15,500 and 20,000 kilograms depending on which model you go for. This offers you an option for smaller loads that would not be convenient to carry using a light truck. With an engine power of between 180 to 206 kilowatts at 2500 revolutions per minute, it comes in two models depending on speed. These models are the 5 speed automatic and the 6 speed manual. This truck is ideal for city delivery but can also do interstate.

These two trucks ensure that you have what is reliable, durable and also environmentally friendly. The cost is also budget friendly enabling you get quality for less. These trucks and their spare parts are available all over Australia with a dealer near you. To know which deal is closer to you, simply visit the website and key in your location details. This allows you the ability to search the map for a dealer close to you.

For instance if you are in New South Wales, you can go to Hi-Torque service centre that is along Corner Purvis Lane & Richard Ryan Place, Dubbo NSW 2830. Here you will also get to learn more about these trucks and other products that UD has to offer. This knowledge helps you make decisions that are informed as you can inquire about anything related to these trucks. Visit us at