Pocket-Friendly Package Deals from Fridge Hire Services

This is the age of technology where reputed smart appliance manufacturers are coming up with innovative smart refrigeration systems with enhanced eco-friendly technology. The pioneer of improved Magnetic Refrigeration System, Cooltech has announced that the latest MRS system is capable of reducing energy consumption by 50% with advanced food freshness technology. While technology is advancing at a rapid pace, so are the prices of smart appliances, including latest refrigeration systems. It is actually hard to afford new smart refrigerators, which are considerably high priced, for non permanent purposes. This is the reason why big cities like Sydney have come up with smarter choices. You can opt for the services of fridge hire Brisbane agencies offer, which are essentially designed to resolve budget constraints, temporary uses, emergency needs, etc., and various other purposes when buying a fridge is not desirable.

Types of Residential Usage Fridges for Rent

There is a huge range of fridge types available on a hire basis under home appliances categories. You can also hire a commercial fridge if needed, but for regular home-based usage the popular types available with most of the fridge hire Brisbane providers include the general single or double door refrigeration systems. Check out Cold Display Solutions

·        Top Mount Fridge

·        Side by side

·        Bottom mount fridge

·        French Door

·        Bar Fridge

Energy Efficiency Rating

You can choose a fridge from the catalogue of products available from fridge rental Brisbane agencies as per your preference of energy-efficiency rating. Consumers nowadays mostly prefer to hire high-energy efficiency rated products so as to save some bucks on energy consumption. Most of the hire service centers offer the popular categories of energy-efficient scales, like 1.5, 2, 3, 4.5 or 5 star products.


These rental service providers offer a wide choice among brands in refrigeration. Therefore, if have any brand inclination you can opt for a respective brand out of the wide range of choices available.

·        LG

·        Kelvinator

·        Westinghouse

·        Samsung

·        Thorn

·        Panasonic

·        Daewoo

Apart from the above-mentioned brands, some of the companies which offer services of fridge hire Brisbane wide offer refrigerators of other brands too, like Hisense, Pigeon Pair, Teco, etc.


You can get small to large capacity; just any kind of refrigeration system you want. For typical bar usage, you can go for the small sized 84 l bar refrigerator, and for other uses, there are the 210 to 249-litre, or up to 450-ltr medium capacity fridges or large refrigerators up to 620-litre. If you are planning to try a larger refrigerator and want to replace your existing small one, you can offer used fridge for sale. Instead of investing hundreds of dollars immediately on the desired large fridge, hire the same on rental. For longer duration package deals of 6 months or 1 year, the daily rental charges for 500 to 520-litre are as low as 2.80$ per day and 2.05$ per day. You can contact any fridge hire Brisbane provider and seek for quotation on their rental packages. However, the mantra behind cheap rental packages is to hire a fridge for a longer duration like for 6 or 12 months. This way for basic 210-litre fridges you will need to spend approximately 0.75$ per day, which is undoubtedly a smart and cheap consumer-friendly way.